Prediction analysis of earthquakes M4 or more to occur by Feb. 14, 2017

Earthquake Prediction Analysis Report【Delivery Date: Feb. 6, 2017 】

Prediction analysis of earthquakes M4 or more to occur by Feb. 14, 2017

[Latest crustal movement]

– Concentrated crustal movements observed in multiple points of Inland Fukushima from Feb.4.

– Frequent M4 class earthquakes in the Pacific side of the Tohoku Region.

[Predicted epicenters of earthquakes with a seismic intensity 4 or more by Feb.14]

■M5: Inland Fukushima (seismic intensity 4)

■M4: Offshore Iwate (seismic intensity 3)

■M5: Ibaraki – Offshore Chiba (seismic intensity 3)

Earthquake Prediction Analysis Report

Before large earthquake occurs, usually a different “big crustal movement” occurs.

In the case of a large crustal movement, large earthquake tends to occur in that area.

This report shows “Latest crustal movement information and Earthquake prediction” that was analyzed by the unique program that EPRC has an international patent, as the mental attitude information.

Hit rate of EPRC report is approximately 90% or over.


Earthquake Prediction Analysis Report (weekly)

M4 over earthquakes that occur within 1 weeks

【Data analysis】

Earthquake prediction research center(EPRC)

PCT : Earthquake prediction information providing program (International patent number: WO / 2015/025340)

EPRC management headquarters:MK building, 1-4-12 kaigan, Minato-ku Tokyo , ZIP105-0022

[Reading report]

when a large tectonic value is observed, has a large earthquake occurred in the past.Therefore, the crustal movement value for each week shows the change direction by “←”, shows the variation in distance in color.

The epicenter location of earthquake that occurred in the same manner period, occurred earthquake of magnitude, in such hypocenter depth, we have displayed separately the size and color.

Abnormal crustal movements of the previous large earthquake, from that change the direction of the area is important, we have to display only the big crustal movement.

In the case of earthquakes in the sea of ​​the plate, a major earthquake occurs in the change direction of the arrow.

In the case of a direct-type earthquake, earthquake occurs in the center of the arrow that was opened as radiation.

In addition, detailed crustal movement values ​​and generated seismic data of various places, we have explicitly as materials in the second half.

Please look at all means the crustal movement of about point to be worried about.

【Data sources】

GPS / GLONASS / quasi-zenith satellite Daily Data:NASA International GNNS, Geographical Survey Institute GEONET.

Plate Boundary Data :The University of Texas Institute for Geophysics 

Earthquake epicenter Daily Data:United States Geological Survey, Japan Meteorological Agency.

Active fault data:National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

八木下重義 - (一般社団法人地震予兆研究センター センター長) 地震予兆解析情報

一般社団法人地震予兆研究センター センター長の八木下重義が、TOPICSや考察を随時アップしてゆきます。その中には、合成開口レーダー衛星ALOS-2のデータ解析や、Iternational GNNSをデータソースとした日本全国1350地点の電子基準点解析による変動値、20年間のデータベースから過去の大地震前に発生している地殻変動値を照会し、同様トレンドで発生している地震データを発表。


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